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Everyone, September 21st is International Day of Peace and we are encouraging all to create an event where they are currently located and promote it all across social media to gain attraction! To Create an Event, we will be using Facebook Events since there are billions of People on the platform already, this will be a great start to get more people involved!!! To begin, log in to your Facebook account and create an event for the International Day of Peace, Then invite all your friends and family. After that Copy the link to your Facebook Event and Paste the Event Here by creating your own Event Gathering Collaboration Party here on TRILIG as we all work together to grow peace around the world! CLICK HERE to begin posting your plans!!!

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We create funds to bring peace and healing to all the children of the world!

 Vision Statement

Cultivating fields to help all dreams grow and become a reality to create peace for all the children of the world

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Happy 4th of July!

So here it is almost the 4th of July,  our Independence Day here in America. There are many things we Americans who live in this land should be grateful for as ...

Why Try?… Help us to help you….

Help Us To Help You   TRILIG is a social media website that is designed to help benefit all walks of life. If I had it my way, we would all be as one. You ...

Win A Million Hearts

We at TRILIG are proud and excited to announce the Oklahoma schools as our inaugural funding project. We are creating a funding pool to help in these areas with...

An ordinary person cannot change the world

An ordinary person cannot change the worldby Julia Trask I bet you’re stoked to read this. You’ve come to this website for uplifting content that changes lives ...

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  • Watch the Heroic Way UPS Workers Shut Down Armed Robbery in Broad Daylight
    After they came to the rescue of a robbery victim, these UPS workers have become perfect examples of first class heroes. The post Watch the Heroic Way UPS Workers Shut Down Armed Robbery in Broad Daylight appeared first on Good News Network.
  • Watch Rookie Cop Save Dangling Suicidal Man Who Changed His Mind
    When a police officer found a grieving man dangling from a window, he wasted no time in helping to pull him back inside – all before backup arrived. The post Watch Rookie Cop Save Dangling Suicidal Man Who Changed His Mind appeared first on Good News Network.
  • Persistent Pup Scores Job and Adoration After Charging into Soccer Game For Fetch
    When this persistent pup charged onto a soccer field mid-game, she not only inspired her team to win the match – her interruption also landed her a job. The canine first made her appearance 29 minutes into the soccer game between San Lorenzo and Arsenal de Sarandí at the Estadio The post Persistent Pup Scores […]
  • Mom Cries When Elderly Stranger Tells Why He Gave Her Son $20
    This mother never thought that she would be crying over stuffed animals from Target – but after a visit to the store earlier this week, she couldn’t help but tear up. Alyssa Hacker was at the department store with her 18-month-old son Owen in Fort Smith, Arkansas when they found The post Mom Cries When […]
  • Good News in History Sept. 20
      Happy 83rd Birthday to Sophia Loren, the Italian actress who won an Academy Award for her lead in the 1962 film Two Women. With that statue in hand, she became the first actress to win an Oscar for a non-English-speaking performance. WATCH an interview from last year… (1934) NOTE: The The post Good News in […]
  • Tribute to the Russian Who Once Single-handedly Averted a Global Nuclear War (1939–2017)
    The Soviet military officer Stanislav Petrov who single-handedly averted a worldwide nuclear war when he chose to believe his intuition instead of the computer screen, has died at age 77. His country, the Soviet Union, was already on high alert in 1983, expecting retaliation for its downing of the Korean The post Tribute to the […]