About Us


Our Approach

The TRILIG Movement wants to make a solid contribution to all people in the world. To be successful, we invite people, businesses, and charities all over the globe to be a part of our mission.

As a for-profit serving non-profits and organizations in need, we know that we have the tools and the willingness to contribute to a better reality globally. That is our mission and approach! To make this place a better place for all.

Get involved. Be a part of our mission and be the one who will also catapult change. We are happy to have you on our journey with us.

Our Story

The dream has started a long time ago. The Douglases’ vision was to make a solid contribution to society at large by creating TRILIG.

This benevolent act started by a single thought on what kind of world they would leave behind for their children and their children’s children.

This has been a journey of gathering resources, technology, knowledge and partnering with the right people, businesses, and charities to make sure the dream is not only achievable – but a reality to everyone involved.

As TRILIG grows, the for-profit will be able to reach out more people, in more places and make sure that the mission is accomplished.

What started from a candid conversation in a household with all the challenges and obstacles around the world is now a reality and hopefully will come to fruition with everyone’s help.

Meet the Team

Mark Douglas

Founder & CEO

Mark Douglas is living in Oklahoma City where the TRILIG Movement started.

Mark experience is a solid fifty-year plus in the construction business. No wonder, this builder is now partnering to build better lives.

Mark attended Oklahoma State for two years in Construction Management.

His goal now is to dedicate all his time available to make TRILIG a reality for the whole world.

Kathy Shoaf

“Kathy is honored to be apart of this Trilig Movement. Her professional life as an RN and as a travel professional is focused on “Creating the Opportunity to enjoy life.” The Trilig Movement is the perfect extension and continuation of her faith and mission in life.”

Michelle Huck

“TRILIG embodies my passion to make the world a better place, to improve the lives of children, to lessen the hurt in the world, to dream a dream to make dreams come true, to bring peace to the world. I am forever grateful for this opportunity envisioned and shared by Mark Douglas according to God’s greater Plan!”

Crystal Kinler

I’m truly blessed to have found this Trilig group and to be a part of a wonderful movement. I have always loved to help people and be someone that made each person I came across day a little brighter. I look forward to the day the streets are no longer flooded with homeless veterans are homeless people. I look forward to the hunger ceasing, the poor becoming rich, and world peace. I look forward to a world who is united not divided. God bless!

Next Steps…

Our next steps is to define our policies for the incoming years. That includes all board members, Ambassadors and the TRILIG Movement mission as a whole.

The Movement has just started and we are ordinary citizens with a variety of skills making sure they all fit in to make TRILIG’s future bright.

Diversity is a part of our reality, it is what we embrace and all cultures are welcome today, tomorrow and for the time the Movement lasts.

Please, stay tuned. We will have a lot to share as we thread this path of making the unthinkable a reality for all.

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