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    We are supporting an orphanage in Kenya and they are in need of help with their building. Items needed include food and water, and is hoping to find ways to grow food to last them so they can always be fed.
    Group, what can we do to help them? What do you suggest?


    Here you are my friend Noah David! This is all about your Dream! Now, let’s make it happen for you!


    Noah!I hope you are ok, Michelle said you are not well. Let’s get this going my friend!


    Michelle Reid

    This project holds a special place in my heart, right from the start of connecting with Noah~I knew then that we needed to be a part of his children and bring hope to them and Noah. I am happy that we have been able to get dresses to his girls and money to get him registered so more help can come to him. I am ready for others to join me to bring what is needed to help these children know they are cared for and not forgotten. Together we can do much and bring smiles to the faces of Noah’s children. Love you Noah…mum


    Noah David

    I’m so happy for meeting mark and michelle,i believe we met for a reason.
    SO far so good i have been able to register firm rock children as non profit.i appriciate all who have stood by my side,and trilig movement..we are changing the world.


    Noah! Let’s get all your group together right here to communicate and dream together! This collaboration is what will bring about your dreams! You must build your teams spirits everyday. So every morning, even when you do not feel like it, do you get it together, and dream! Then share your dreams here!


    Noah David

    The global team is much growing every day,i wish every member could invite at least 10 members, then we will grow and establish our roots all over the world.

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    That’s exactly right Noah, we are inviting people here to collaborate for the good of of all humanity, beginning with this one Global Dream Team right here! And Noah, this is yours my friend, we are all here, in this dream pod, for you, your children, and your nation!


    I just posted on LinkedIn as well, inviting people to come join Noah’s Dream Team!


    Michelle Reid

    Alright so we are here…Noah let us start preparing your team so we can get your centre built and furnished~ I want to know if you are able to buy seeds for growing food and what are some of your Traditional Foods..

    The Girl’s project of sanitary towels..are you able to buy material, if so how much and if not we have to find a way to get supplies to you for that project.

    Sewing Machines..I have the site and place we can purchase them so we need a way to raise funds to get at least 2 to start..

    Surgery..raise funds so your young boy can have his much needed surgery..

    Blessings Noah..


    Noah David

    Im here mark,power is in our tongues ,prayers and hardworking.


    Noah David

    Michelle, i would like to know the materials for the sanitary so that i can start vy doing budgets.

    Abou the boy: im still seeking more help from different people and organisations.hope soon he will get surgery on his knee.


    Noah, this next Thursday, I am meeting with some people about being there exclusive distributor for their springfed bottled water. We will immediately begin marketing it, and guess what, we will be helping you! So be encouraged, help is coming very soon! So you keep getting the word out there and getting people on your team, and we will be doing the same thing for you, because great things are happening!


    Noah! We are talking about you! And it’s ALL good!


    Michelle Reid

    Noah, You will need material, look at the pattern information I sent to you to see if there states how much material it takes to make one pad.. Soft flannel is a good material to use..going to need thread and needles….they may be able to be stitched by hand for now until we get you some sewing machines.Will be looking into prices this week. I will send you the link also as you may be able to add it here, maybe someone will order one for you.

    I will start going to craft stores to see if i can purchase flannel when on sale..

    Let me know if there is any other questions Noah~

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