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Lakota Waldorf School

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    Lakota School system is in need of a list of items and support. Feel free to check out their website: and begin collaborating in TRILIG today to help support one another!


    These are children here in USA that deserve our attention as well! Let’s give them a chance to Dream!


    Michelle Huck

    I’m excited to join the Lakota Waldorf School Dream Team!


    Let’s make this happen people!


    Right here is where we begin communication to help the school!


    Michelle Reid

    This school is on Pine Ridge Native Reservation in South Dakota and helps many children and their families. Conditions on the Reservations are not very good and basic needs are not met. Due to Generational Trauma, life is bleak for these children and the school is one place the children have to be able to be children, to learn their culture and language. Waldorf Schools were started by Rudolph Steiner, I am a founding parent of the one on Cape Cod MA. It allows children to play, become one with nature which helps them become one with themselves. All children need that as there is a dis-connect from our natural world, the seasons, festivals and slow parenting. Lets join and make a difference.


    Michelle Huck

    Thank you Michelle Reid!


    The key is, this group is started, and we will build from here!


    Michelle Reid

    I sent an email to the school to let them know we have this site to help them, asked them to join and come here to update their Dream Team~


    Ifthkar Chuhan

    Hello frands
    I am Ifthkarchuhan from Pakistan city Lahore Equal rights Foundation
    Working orphans babies and poor babies
    Free education ants homeless centre please friends have food and old cloud books stationery Orphan home 16 babies and Angels School 120 babies

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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