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An ordinary person cannot change the world

An ordinary person cannot change the world

An ordinary person cannot change the world
by Julia Trask

I bet you’re stoked to read this. You’ve come to this website for uplifting content that changes lives and I’ve hit you with doubt from the onset. Am I incorrect that ‘an ordinary person cannot change the world?’ No. It takes a self-empowered individual to change the course of history. Anything less and you will fail.

Life is a beautiful, complex, hard yet extremely rewarding thing. You need resilience, perseverance, motivation, determination to survive. To succeed you must have self-love, without it everything you do is underrated, underperforming and underwhelming. After all, if you cannot convince yourself to rock up for life how can you convince others to turn up for theirs? You cannot.

Individuals worldwide place emphasis on skills first. Pass your subjects. Get a job. Get a qualification. The truth is none of the pieces of paper in the world matter if you do not love yourself first. Demanding skills before self-love is a backward way of thinking. It places emphasis on numbers and not on the human at the heart of that pursuit. It devalues you.

You must love yourself to show up for those classes, to chase that job, to complete that qualification. When you do this, you enter a space where you know you will be successful you won’t think about it. In this process, you respect yourself and you require opportunities to turn up to you and add value because you acknowledge your value and recognize accepting anything ‘just because’ is the quickest way to devalue yourself.

For the past decade, I have been helping people achieve success. I have had countless individuals come back again and again to turn their dreams of changing their life and others into a reality. I have had the pleasure of being introduced to individuals’ inner strength, motivation, persistence, resilience, and determination on their purposeful journey from meh to hell yeah. The more they develop self-love, awareness and acceptance the more they achieve mind-boggling goals. Men with dream units, women who are now entrepreneurs and authors and professionals (men and women) who now work in their passion instead of simply their qualification.

Own who you are and you can achieve anything. Two years ago, I was a woman completely crippled by fear after a traumatic experience. I made a choice- love myself when everyone else ran from me in my greatest time of need or let pain eat me up. I am now a self-empowerment coach and author who has hosted elite parties in London, met famous faces simply by getting out of my own shell, been headhunted by major publishing houses (still I choose to do it on my own until the best offer that values me arrives), have been offered countless opportunities simply because I exude what I want and who I am. Individuals approach me in the street asking what I did to be so happy and I just smile and say, ‘it’s gratitude, self- love, and the choice to never feel less when I can be happy.’

As you go about your journey changing lives I encourage you to start with the home job- YOU and your level of self-love. If you started haven’t yet there is one thing I can promise you, your potential to succeed is limited. Why treat yourself so poorly when you deserve so much? Why deny the world your true brilliance?

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