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Win A Million Hearts

Win A Million Hearts

We at TRILIG are proud and excited to announce the Oklahoma schools as our inaugural funding project.

We are creating a funding pool to help in these areas with Oklahoma schools:

1) We will help one school at a time with needed major repairs.

2) We have established a bank account for teachers.  Teachers can email us their needs and we will deliver the help they need.

3) We will design and build greenhouses in close proximity to elementary schools.  The children will learn the whole process of cultivating vegetables, fruit, plants, flowers, etc. from preparing the soil to harvesting the “fruits of their labor”.  The profits from the sale of the goods will go back to the schools to help make them self-sustainable!

We at TRILIG are seeking your involvement in our mission to help fill the gaps teachers face as they look toward this new school year. Our plan will provide immediate as well as long-term help to reach self-sustainability.

We invite you to join TRILIG today.  This brand new social media advertising movement will create funds to immediately redistribute to the children of Oklahoma and around the world.

Simply click or

Join for FREE…no further obligation.

Explore our site and most importantly advertise your business on the TRILIG site for the very low cost of $100 per month.

Together WE will bring peace to all the children of the world!

Contact me, TRILIG founder Mark Douglas, at with any questions and suggestions.

Sincerely and appreciatively,

Mark Douglas

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  1. Beautiful Idea!!


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