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We create funds to bring peace and healing to all the children of the world!

 Vision Statement

Cultivating fields to help all dreams grow and become a reality to create peace for all the children of the world

The Trilig Movement's Mission

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News and Excitement

Happy 4th of July!

So here it is almost the 4th of July,  our Independence Day here in America. There are many things we Americans who live in this land should be grateful for as ...

Why Try?… Help us to help you….

Help Us To Help You   TRILIG is a social media website that is designed to help benefit all walks of life. If I had it my way, we would all be as one. You ...

Win A Million Hearts

We at TRILIG are proud and excited to announce the Oklahoma schools as our inaugural funding project. We are creating a funding pool to help in these areas with...

An ordinary person cannot change the world

An ordinary person cannot change the worldby Julia Trask I bet you’re stoked to read this. You’ve come to this website for uplifting content that changes lives ...

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